Endangered Red Panda Escapes Belfast Zoo and Takes Herself for Day Trip Around the City

We’ve all had those weeks where we just wish we could escape our current lives, run away and take a day just for ourselves. A day trip seems ideal in times of stress because we all just want to disappear for a little while, but not all of us have the courage to do so.

Well, a fuzzy little four-legged creature is living the life we all wish we could and did the unthinkable. A red panda from the Belfast zoo escaped for the day and took itself on a little trip.

The zoo freaked out, the police got involved, but the internet was going crazy for the adorable girl to live her best life and enjoy her vacation, even if it was short-lived.

If you haven’t seen images of a red panda before, you may want to Google it because they are the cutest things ever.

They’re docile little fellows.

With a body shape similar to a raccoon, a face like a panda and the sneakiness of a fox, these animals can be found in the mountains of Nepal, northern Myanmar, and central China.

They can survive in pretty snowy conditions.

Their cinnamon-colored fur keeps them very toasty in the winter and they are very playful, so the snow makes for great grounds to play with their friends in.

Does it get much cuter than this?

They love to snack!

They are herbivores and their favorite treat is bamboo, like their distant cousin, the panda.

They are pretty rebellious creatures.

Although they are relatively small creatures, don’t underestimate them due to their size. If you turn your back for just a moment, they are already planning their escape.

The Belfast Zoo fell victim to their trickery.

The zoo located in Northern Ireland has over 130 species, one of them being the sneaky red panda.

They love these charismatic creatures.

Recently, they celebrated the birth of two red pandas at their zoo. Amber and Autumn were born in July of 2018 and the staff rejoiced because these creatures are endangered.

The zoo now has a total of four red pandas at their facility.

The red panda was planning its escape, preparing to walk right out of its enclosure. One of the pandas (Amber) was feeling a little rebellious and decided to live it up a little, because, why not!

The Belfast Zoo sent out an official announcement on their Twitter that one of their beloved red pandas had escaped, right under their noses.

News spread fast.

The police and city council got involved, spreading the message to keep an eye out for the cinnamon-colored master culprit.

Who knows where she could be by now!

It even made national news! This was all within 24 hours of the red panda escaping. People were keeping their eyes on the news to see if there were any updates on the rascal.

Eventually, Amber was found.

Many people called in to report sightings of Amber, which eventually led the police to find her in the streets where they were able to capture her.

A local caught Amber on camera running through a garden, leaping and trying to be as sneaky as possible.

It looks like she wasn’t going down without a fight though.

Amber was found and returned safely to the zoo.

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