Easiest Doughnuts Ever


2 cups of self raising flour

1 cup plain natural Greek yoghurt


Put flour into a bowl then add yoghurt.

Mix with a knife then tip on to bench and knead until it all comes together. 

(Mix looks dry and you’re almost tempted to add more yoghurt but just keep on kneading it and it will come together)

Once you have dough you can now shape into whatever you want.

Now just deep fry in hot oil until golden brown (I like to use canola oil but any will do.)

Once cooked then drain them (I just use a bowl with a lot of paper towels in it and stand them up)

Once they have cooled, slit them open fill with whipped cream and top with a little of your favourite jam and dust with icing sugar.

[Bernie Hineahuone Rongokahira Hakopa ]

Bron In en om die huis

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