Quick No Bake Milktart


1 can condensend milk

3 cans fresh milk (use condensed milk can as measurement for milk)

50 ml Maizena (Corn Flour)

30 ml Custard powder

3 eggs

5 ml vanilla essence

30 ml butter

Tennis Biscuits

Cinnamon for dusting


Combine condensed milk & 2 ½ milk together & heat until boiling.

Mix cornflour,custard powder and remaining ½ can milk together and eggs & vanilla ess. Add to the hot milk & cook for 10 min.stirring with whisk constantly. Add the butter.

Line a large dish with Tennis biscuits (use broken pieces of biscuits to fill gaps between whole biscuits.

Pour the mixture over

Sprinkle with cinnamon & allow to cool. Refrigerate.

Prepared by Feriel Sonday

Recipe from Nestlè condensend milk booklet 🍶🍶🍶🍶

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